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Jun. 25th, 2010

How Do I Say This...

With out sounding like an ungrateful bitch: My birthday sucked. Yeah, no getting around that ungrateful bitch part, but true story. lol.

Jul. 3rd, 2009

Writer's Block: Dog Day Afternoon

The Dog Days of summer, the hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, start today. What's your favorite thing to do in hot weather?

Stay the fuck inside would be the correct answer as I also live in FL. lol.

May. 19th, 2009



Jun. 13th, 2006

(no subject)

I just rearranged my bedroom & dont like it. Its all messy now. It was messy b4 but now the mess has migrated into my hallway since I had to move stuff out of the way to move my bed around. Now, I really dont have a place to put my dresser. I should have thought this out. Alberto has passed. It was bitch trying to sleep last nite. I had to go outside @ 2 freaking 30 in the morning to padlock & shut the door on my shed bc it was flapping in the wind. And when I went to leave for work this a.m. my trash can had moved from my part of my apt to the carport of my neighbors in the front. I was like "dayum." They were saying the gusts were like 30-40 mph but it had to have been more. I'm glad it wasnt worse. But this is just the 1st 1. I'm gonna have to get earplugs so I can sleep. I was talking 2 ppl @ work & they said they couldnt sleep either bc of all the noise from the wind. I have to call Liesl 2 c how she made out. She didnt even know it was gonna go over her. She calls me back last nite & she's like "Is there sumthing I should know? Your the 3rd person who's left me a msg about this Alberto." & I'm like "Umm Ya its gonna be there tomorrow" & she's like "Oh. Shit." Work was unuusually quiet & unchaotic. I'm wondering about tomorrow tho. We'll see. At least its my friday.

Jun. 12th, 2006

Bring it on Alberto! Bring. it. on.

Yeah, I didnt say I was good @ being consistent w/the whole blogging thing. Woohoo hurricane season is officially upon us! TS Alberto is currently barreling toward the Big Bend area of north FL. Its pretty windy right now. & pretty noisy. Kinda unnerving, but I am a true Floridian. Born & raised. We've had worse. This too shall pass. Not much going on. Its almost my birtday! For some reason I'm getting excited. Why? I dont know. Not anything extraordinary or super great happens on that day. But it is nice when ppl make a little extra fuss over you. Long gone are the days when I got awesome presents like Barbies and bikes. Eeek its starting to get gusty. Gypsy is chilling like nothings going on.

May. 31st, 2006

(no subject)

Ok, according to my LJ Its June already. Saturday is T's b-day. IDK what I'ma getting her. Cait said get her gift cards since she's moving. Sounds good. But my prob is I always want to get some1 something speical & cool but its always @ the last minute. Hmm. What to get? I asked what happened @ the party after I left on Sat/Sun. Cait said T got w/this guy Bryan ( he was doing card tricks w/a pornographic deck). I guess she is "loose". Honestly, IDK what to call it. The majority of catty women would call her a slut, but why should I? She's just doing what she wants. She's comfortable *at least it appears she is* w/her self to have no strings sex. A lot of women cant do that. I dont think I could. #1 I dont have the balls. #2 I feel & know the guy wouldnt respect me after. Again, IDK, its a very gray area w/pro's & cons. Some would prob say that she's got self esteem issues & is not respecting herself. Some would say she's a woman who knows what she wants & isnt afraid to go after it. I'm glad today is my fri. Ok, so I apparently dont have enough faith in my supers & was freaking out for nothing, bc today 1 of them said "Yeah, we aint gonna really enforce it, unless a big wig is around." Its kinda comforting to know our supers got our back & aren't completley chicken shit drones. But time will still tell. OH! I just found the new TZN song!("Stop! Olividate") Its good! New album out on June 20th! Just in time 4 my b-day! haha!

May. 30th, 2006

AAA is trippin

Since today was a "monday" after a holiday weekend we were prepared for it to be pretty busy. But what we didnt take into account was the rampant stupidity we have to deal with from our own employees in different departments. Some genius in tech support said "Hey! I have a great idea! Lets decide to upgrade stuff on the already over loaded computer system on the 1st business day after a holiday weekend! That way we can cause even more problems for dispatch and make the computers go down! Yeah! Sounds like fun!" So for 2 hrs we had no computers, thus causing us to become completley swamped & totally behind. On top of that the phone lines were overloaded, so you had to dial 5 x's to get thru to make 1 phone call. But its all worth it bc our head bosses are soo caring & compassionate. "You guys did a great job today! Go team, go! Because you are such well trained obedient lap dogs we'll reward you with red flag pay! That way you'll stay for years on end and continue to stay in a job where there's no real chance for advancement outside of the ERS deptartment." So that, I'm used to. Crappy, overloaded comp systems, lazy, smart ass drivers & incredibly rude members, I'm used to that too. Then this is the kicker. It may not sound like such a big deal, but this is what got me mad. A few minutes before it was time for me to leave 1 of the supers says "We cant dress down on the weekends anymore. I'm sending out an email about it." The person next to me & myself are like "Okaay, really?" I read this email. Yes, now on weekends we are no longer allowed to wear jeans, capris or sneakers. We can only wear business causual clothes. What we already wear during the week. Or the alternative is to buy fabulous AAA polo shirts for $20 a pop & wear appropriate work pants. We work in a fucking dispatch center ppl! We do not have contact with the fucking public on the weekends! What the hell is up w/this managment? These managers need to sit their asses in dispatch for a week and see what we do, maybe then they'll remember what it is to actually be a normal working class person. A person from the majority of the regular workforce. I will see this weekend if our supers actually enforce this ridiculous policy. If they are forced to & do then my happy ass will be looking for a new employer who actually cares about me as a person and doesnt just see me as a disposable, dispatching robot.

May. 29th, 2006

SN Fanfic

Finally found some that is not written by teenboppers. But by articulate, creative ppl. So thats what I'm doing now. My life is so exciting.

May. 27th, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

So its Memorial Day weekend & I'm stuck working as usual. My vaca was nice & boring while it lasted. Today, actually wasnt too bad. Not too bzy & I got to catch up on The DaVinci Code. Its finally starting to pick up & I'm getting into it now. T has reserved a suite on the beach & is having a Mem. Day Party. I'm not that excited. Altho her Mardi Gras Party was fun. So Catie is coming over & possibly Cait & Cam & I'm chauferring. I dont mind bc if I choose to drink I've got 3 options for designated drivers. Last nite we had a pre-Memorial Day BBQ here @ my place. Not bad. Kinda last mintue. T brought Roman & Derrick over. Thank God they didnt get as wasted as they did the last time. They were trying to arm wrestle on my GLASS coffee table. I was afraid they'd get blood on my furniture. But thankfully they didnt. Then Derrick got all depressed & stuff. Lame-o. But we need some testosterone @ our mixers. Mom called this morning @ 4:30. A.M. OMFG I really just need to change my #. Apparently she's sick again. Boo fuckin hoo. Says she's got no reason to live now apparently. Not my fault. She shoulda thought about that b4 she told me she wished she could punch me in the face & wished she could kill me but knew she couldnt. oh & speak of the devil she's calling me now. Arrgh.

May. 26th, 2006

I need to get a life

Sooo, why have I joined? The root of the answer is sheer boredom. And I guess this is better outlet for a journal than myspace, bc to my knowlegdge none my friends that I see on a regular basis have pages here. So I can write what I really want & really feel.